Friday, May 29, 2009

Just a thought...

In some parts of the world hundreds and thousands of people die every day from starvation.

In other parts of the world there are Eating Competitions.

Does this make any sense at all???

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

Monday a last-minute invite was extended my way to attend a BBQ with some country folks I haven't seen or spent time with in almost a year. Everyone at this little get-together was either active-duty military, in the reserves, or had been discharged. I think I was 1 of 3 who isn't serving in the armed forces, but I was for sure the only one there who wasn't tied to the military at all since I'm not a military girlfriend.

Before the steaks and potatoes were done, we all toasted Memorial Day, and everyone had the chance to speak their piece. Jack opened the toast, and thanked everyone for coming. He thanked the men and women who put their country ahead of themselves and for enlisting to protect their friends and family. Some other guys spoke up and there was a definite bond in the room during these individual speeches. A bond I'm well aware that I didn't share.

It was unique to be in the middle of the crowd, and yet also on the outside looking in.

Personally, I'm very thankful for these people and their sacrifices. Years ago I was faced with the opportunity to join the military, and I couldn't do it. After scoring pretty high on the ASVAB, the Army said they wanted to teach me Russian and put me in Special Ops. But I had a major issue with turning my life over to a faceless entity that I didn't trust.

I fully support the troops - I commend each man and woman for enduring the experiences they do, for sacrificing their will, personal time, and sometimes their lives to serve the greater good. However, I do NOT support the war. I believe that we were lead into this war by liars and those who are serving hidden agendas. The who's and how's and why's aren't really important, and pointing fingers never solves a problem. Isn't it enough to simply say "war is bad"?

Call me crazy, but I hope and pray for a world where we won't have war. I yearn for a time when we can all be adults, embrace our similarities & accept our differences, and respect every other life form on this planet by letting them live out their own existence.

Still, I'm fully aware that I have never traveled to the Middle East. I cannot begin to fathom what an ordinary day is like over there, for civilians and military alike. Therefore, I know to shoot off my mouth and my (probably uninformed) opinion is immature, foolish, and wrong.

At one point in the evening, I found myself in a deep conversation with a young intoxicated Marine. And I guess his girlfriend too? She kept coming over to throw her arms around him or state that she was his girlfriend, which kind of amused me, since I was only talking with the kid, and not humping his leg.

We found common ground on the no-war issue. He also thinks this war is a sham, but he told me that his opinion doesn't matter; he can't tell the higher-ups what to do, he just waits for orders. And yet, even though he didn't agree with the war and believes it was started under false pretenses, he absolutely cannot wait to get shipped out. Not to kill Iraqis or anything like that, but to help his comrades who are also forced into fighting someone else's fight. I admire that commitment to other human beings' life, and at the same time cannot fully understand blindly following orders.

Needless to say, I'm glad that I'm not thrust into the middle of such a conundrum.

My appreciation goes out to all the men and women who serve in the United States Armed Forces, and my gratitude towards the goodness in humanity for keeping the hope of a world without war alive.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

a model, a bride - now for beer

Today I was a model. I thought I had two shoots lined up but the second one never confirmed, which kind of bummed me out since that was the one that would have paid money. But, I think that we got some really great shots in this morning.

Theresa, a local make-up artist, fixed my hair and got me all dolled up. I wore fake eyelashes for the first time in my life! I showed up at 9.30am and didn't get home until 1pm - so it was a long morning. She provided a wedding dress (which fit a little snug) and 2 photographers. The guys shared a few sneak peeks with me, and they were pretty sweet. I'm so anxious to see how they all turned out!!!

Little girls are fascinated with brides, it seems. We encountered a few people and a few kids today, and they were all filled with compliments. They're so cute, and yet they tell me I'm beautiful. It brings a smile to my face to come across admiration and kindness. Theresa kept asking me "did you hear that?" when someone would walk by. Apparently they were complimenting me and I was completely oblivious. This seems to happen to me frequently. I had to chuckle to myself.

I also contemplated the idea of a wedding. I think (and this is my humble opinion) that if you've found someone you truely love who loves you in return, then it's great idea. There is love out there, and those who find it are very blessed indeed. My sis is one of those people. However, already in my young life I've seen people tie the knot for all the wrong reasons. I've met quite a few ladies who think that at age X, you're supposed to be married with a house and kids, and if you're not then you're some kind of unspeakable failure. I've never found the logic in this. If all you really crave is the focus of "oh! she's the bride" and everyone fussing over you and congratulating you, I think it wise to admit you just might be a selfish person and just throw a ginormous party soley for the purpose of being the center of attention. There's no reason to drag legality and other people's lives into the mix. And there's no shame in being honest, either. Parties are cheaper than divorces anyway.

My apologies if I just shit all over your dreams.

After I got home, I was still in a "picture-taking-mode" so I snapped a few vanity shots of myself. Who doesn't do this from time to time? Besides, I had professional quality make-up which I couldn't do myself, and fake eye-lashes to boot!

Now I think I'll close day 1 of my 3-day weekend with a nice home-cooked meal and some geeky computer activities...and maybe a movie. The roommate's in Arizona, so I've got the place to myself! Perhaps I'll run to the store for some beers, first...
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Come on down to Cleveland town, everyone

I found some hastily made Cleveland Tourism videos.
Makes me wonder why I've never visited Cleveland...

And the 2nd Attempt: "buy a house for the price of a VCR"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oh, Saturday - my Saturday

Earlier this week I thought it would be a grand idea to start a blog. This is a relatively new line of thinking for me. I've always been in the frame of mind that I have nothing noteworthy to add to the spew of stuff and ideas and blogs and things that are already filling the web.

But, after recently reading the blog of a man I admire, I realized that if I decided to start one I wouldn't be obligated to post menial and boring crap everyday. I could bide my time until I had a wonderous idea or train of thought and then share it with the people of the internet.

Granted, this first post is basically menial and pointless in and of itself, but I think the next one will be much better and have a little more "meat" to it, so to speak.

Stay tuned...