Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Wanna Hold Your Hand...

I Want To Hold Your Hand - All You Need Is Love
...The Beatles had the right idea...

I'm sure we can call agree that there is not enough Love in the world. Fear and Panic and Doubt seem to be the prominent emotions in society now-a-days. I myself have fallen victim to the latter emotions on more than one occasion. But once you find Love again, life is so much better in every aspect, and you can literally feel the Light conquering the Dark emotions.

We all know how much damage an insult or a malicious-filled-name can inflict. But think of how much a genuine compliment has lifted your spirits or flattered your soul??? There's enough negativity in this world today - there are too many people who thrive off misery and pain. We need to all focus on putting more Light and goodness into the world. When you make someone else feel better, it makes you feel better! And I really believe that it helps generate positive energy and puts good karma out into the universe.

Love isn't sexual. Love isn't about wanting to fuck someone. That's lust - that's attraction. Love is about goodness and kindness and acceptance and appreciation of life - and of finding the Good in other people.

To say that I love someone doesn't mean I want to marry them. I have a Love for myself, and for my friends, and for the world and humanity. If I were to say that I loved a guy, it's automatically assumed that I want a relationship with him or am looking to make him a life partner. I love plenty of men, and I have no intention of being intimate with any of them. Many of my friends are guys, and I love all of my friends. I love the men in my family the same way as I love the women in my life.

I do believe that there is a special kind of Love between two people, but what I'm trying to emphasize is that there is MORE than that one kind of popularized Love in the world, and we seem to have forgotten this.

Even if we are discussing that kind of Love, so many people think that sex = Love. Love is something much more fantastic than fornication. The Beatles said it best: Love is about wanting to hold your be a friend and a confidant to another human be an emotional support and appreciating the person's faults.

One of my heroes, David Icke, once said during a talk I heard him give: "Love is not something you're in - it's something you are."
How true...

While I cannot dictate to another person how they should live their life, I know that I should be Love, and not worry about "finding" it - because All You Need Is Love...and the world needs it now, more than ever.

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